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November 16, 2012
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RAFA by theredsnowflake RAFA by theredsnowflake o.c. rafael (a.k.a RAFA)

he's the lead in my new story the first and only one that i've actually finished writing. i would like to make it into a manga but i don't think i'm ready for it yet. i'll still have to practice until i make progress in my anatomy, proportion and poses..

done this in my spare time..good thing i still have spare time...

i have so many things i don't like in this one, first is the shape of the face, i think it's too small in the jaw area..i just realized it when i had it scanned..then the eyes, they look quite uneven..and the pose, it's like all of my other drawings..maybe this means that i only know to draw guys in this angle..the only thing that i like in this drawing is the hair!

comments are appreciated..
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